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Monday, November 12, 2012

Water baptism

Finally, three years after i accepted Christ, i had my water baptism today after the Sunday service.

My mom, SG aunt, LF and another friend CM came to witness the ceremony. After the baptism, we had lunch together and LF bought me a "birthday" cake as i was "born again" today.

Actually Christians are considered saved and born again on the day we accepted Christ and not really on the day of baptism. Nonetheless, today is a day to be remembered.

I took the baptism course back in year 2009 but did not proceed with the baptism since i did not feel ready at that time. Over these few years, pastor had been asking me when i would want to be baptised but as usual, my bad habit of procrastination kicked in. I wanted to but somehow just didn't get around doing it.

Now that I am going overseas soon, i decided that i should proceed with the baptism before i leave. Hence pastor arranged a special baptism just for me today (normally our baptism is carried out every few months for a few members at the same time instead of just for one person). He also had the entire congregation prayed for me and i could feel the blessings from everyone and high above.

God is great.


ehem, if I remember correctly, sloth is one of the 7 sins ... I don't think it was procrastination but amount of workload you have been into that caused you sleep and health deprivations. And what's better than this period of time apart from the rush. Plus, you have chosen a nice date too, 11-11, it's so easier to remember :). Hopefully (finger cross) you will be firm to rid off procrastination completely just like playing fb games hor. That will be a must-change too. Cheers, and happy birthday (the cake looks so nice and delicious).

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