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Thursday, November 08, 2012

The last few days

It is late already and i am still wide awake. I've thought of adjusting my biological clock back to normal for the past few days but apparently it isn't working well.

Since the day i stopped working, i have been turning in later and later. It seems like my biological clock is now tuned to going to bed after 3am (sometimes even at 4am or 5am!) and waking up at around 12pm+. This would be great if i am on UK timezone but not so when i am going to NZ timezone soon, which is 4 hours ahead of ours. I am gonna have a tough time adjusting my biological clock when i start work if i don't start doing it now.

Now if anyone of you are wondering when i am leaving for NZ, please continue to wonder and do not ask me the question. I have been getting this question almost every day and i am so sick of answering it. The answer is simply, "i don't know."

You see, i am still waiting for the approval of the work visa from NZ immigration. I have no idea when i am gonna get it, but once i get it, i will have to leave within a week or two. I wasn't given an exact date and the best estimate is that it should be within this month. I have received an email today from an immigration officer asking for an information that was missed out in the application, which means that they are on my case already. This also means that it should be approved soon, probably by next week. Suddenly, i feel rather stressed, as i realised that i still have a lot of things that i have not done or bought.

Anyway, back to the topic.

Last Friday and Saturday, i volunteered for helping out at the Non-Profit Charity Organisation Expo 2012 that was held in a mall.

I was helping to man one of the booths for an organisation that helps to guide and reform delinquent youths. As i was wearing the t-shirt of that organisation, which was worn by those youths who were performing and helping out as well, some of the people there actually thought i was one of those youths too. I am not sure if i should be glad or upset - glad that i could still be mistaken as "youth" at my age, or upset that i actually look like someone who is delinquent in any way (i've always thought that i exude good manner and intellectual demeanour).

On Sunday, after church, i went shopping for a while but did not get what i wanted. Instead, i bought some clothes, of which two pieces were not my size (i did not try those on before buying) and i would have to bring those back for exchange.

On Monday, i started to feel unwell in late afternoon. As i've mentioned before, i have chronic back and neck ache problem. It got worse that day and became so bad that it resulted in terrible migraine (i think it may be due to menses). I then took the chance to go to bed earlier at 11pm, thinking that this could help to adjust my bed time too. But then, in the middle of the night (i do not know at what time), i was awaken by severe throbbing headache. It was as if something pounding my temples constantly and it hurt terribly. I thought of taking some painkillers but then decided to put up with it (i do not take any medicine whenever i get migraine and would let it subside by itself by resting more, as i do not wanna get dependent on painkillers).

I am not sure how long i stayed awake enduring the pain but i eventually fell back to sleep. When i woke up on Tuesday on my own, it was already 1pm+. I was surprised that i actually slept for that long and yet the migraine and spinal ache had not subsided completely and i was still feeling sick. It was better than the day before but i was still having bad neck and shoulder ache and mild migraine. So i spent the day at home, mostly lying in bed, feeling miserable.

Then today, i woke up feeling well. I did not have migraine anymore and the spinal ache was back to "normal" (there isn't a day that i do not feel the ache, however mild it may be). I then went out with mom again to shop for the stuff that i have been looking for but failed to get. At the end, we still couldn't find it and concluded that JB simply does not have it.

What we are looking for is 32" lightweight luggage. I want to get a luggage at maximum size for the check-in luggage limit so that i can pack lots of stuff to bring over to NZ. The biggest luggage i have at home is only 28" and it isn't the lightweight type. Most shops here only sell up to 29", as it is quite rare for travellers to buy extra large luggage and hence there isn't a market for it here. Mom suggested going into SG on Friday to buy the luggage, which i believe we should be able to get it since SG has a bigger market and more luggage shops. However, it will also be more expensive and i am now thinking of alternatives, such as large-size duffel or barracks bags. I am also checking with my friends to see if i can borrow one, but it seems like none of them has such large luggage either.

Oh well, let's see what we can find on Friday. For now, one of the crucial things to do is to get back to a healthy sleeping habit, but i guess today is out already. Oops.

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kinda reminds when i took leaves for 4 days and idling at home. and because it was unplanned, or badly planned one, i slept at 3-4am and woke up 12, 1pm. it's really bad thinking back of it - mom, dad going to market and doing the household whilst i'm still in bed. but then, by doing nothing it will feel that clock's ticking slowly, while during work or something's on, unconsciously the week will pass just like that. not that i encourage to do nothing, well, you had some interesting fun activities to fill up. what happened to your gym? and your resolution to keep fit. you won't have all these aches if you continue to do exercise. sleep late will not doing any good to you, plus what during out-of-job you should maintain healthy look and rid the panda eyes. you dont wanna scare off your new boss, glasses maybe cool for nerdy girls but not eyes with dark circles. you might think day is not enough, but you woke at 12+, and that's really losing the day, sunshine one. dont be a night owl, pinpin, sigh.. if you fell sick, you only end up miserable and unable do lots of other things. time will still move on, so better fill it up with memorable and beneficial ones, not doing nothing (i think i'm advising myself too). maybe the visitors in the volunteering mistaken you as the delinquents because of your insufficient of sleep and unhealthy look kinda make you obvious like one. ok, ok, just kidding. apology if it offended you and the youths ... :). the point is - STAY HEALTHY!

oh, shopping is fun, but when you are in nz, please, please don't succumb to the temptation overspending the hard earned money. hope you will have good new colleagues, the ex ones advised you against $$$ tag heuer, such great colleagues are hard to come by. make sure and be real discipline to have savings (better update on fb and blog so we can keep your urge in check, though you might reply 'whatever' .....) .

sigh, mid nov is coming soon, and obama had won the election. and to think you will miss our election too. dont be idle just to want time moves slowly. you manage to teach your mom using skype, whatsapps, talktime, internet? have a nice coming weekend and dont be stressed and take really good care of your health, enjoy daylight to the fullest. next week tues and thurs are holidays so have great funs with your friends :). cheers.

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