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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Getting ready

Went to SG today to get the NZ visa label pasted on my passport. Had wanted to do so on last Friday but was having insomnia on Thursday night. I went to bed at around 2am+ and only managed to fall asleep at 7am on Friday morning! I then woke up at around 1am 1pm and hence could not make it to NZ immigration in SG.

I am not sure why i was having insomnia. I think the stress or excitement must be too much due to the impending departure. I guess after three months of idling and non-productive time at home, my threshold for stress has decreased a lot.

Anyway, i finally got it done today and now i can enter NZ for work anytime.

After i've gotten the visa label, i met up with my three ex-comrades (ex-little boss, the IT manager and the IT consultant) for lunch. This would be my last meal with them before i leave for NZ. So, after lunch, instead of farewell handshakes, i gave each of them a hug. I would certainly miss those days lunching and working with them.

Then i went shopping for some stuff that i want to bring to NZ. I have been looking for a luggage in JB and could not get the type i wanted. I thought i could get one in SG but i still didn't manage to find one today. Sigh, the hunt will continue tomorrow and i intend to check out Johor Premium Outlet, which i've not been to before. If i still can't get one there tomorrow, then i'll just have to compromise and get a different type.

I had a call with my boss today and he has verbally agreed with my plan - to depart on 27-Nov or 28-Nov and commence working on 3-Dec. This means that i am only left with about one week to get ready, and that includes getting a temporary accommodation in NZ (which would require his help). I also need to meet up with quite a number of friends and relatives for farewells. There are so much to do in such little time. No wonder i am so stressed.

Oh well, my long holiday is now in count-down mode already. I will need to re-start my engine again.

I will end this post with Angel's nice comics - thank you for the fantastic drawing and encouraging words.


Sleep at 7am, woke up at 1am?!!! Gosh,this is too unbecoming. I guess this is one of negative effect of bent idle for so long, really degenerative. Gee, I thought as johorean you should at least drop by at jpo, hopefully you get what you wanted over there. Good luck girl. 7 days, 7 days ... This is so tense. I guess your resignation really have given headache to your ex boss losing one really good general. Keep up the spirit girl, and please, take care your health and take necessary step to avoid insomnia! You'll be ugly and scare off your new boss hor on first day afterwards, just kidding. All the best, Pin (hmm, how many times I need to repeat) and look forward good news from you. Cheers!

Oh, by the way when you're in jpo, be sure control your temptation and focus only on the luggage hor :). Cheers..

My mistake - I woke up at 1PM , not AM. Amended. Thanks. :)

haha! Angel, good job.
I like the last column! ^-^

Friend, we will miss you too.
Wait for me har! ^-^

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