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Thursday, November 29, 2012

In Wellington

This is just gonna be a quick update. As i'm now staying at a serviced apartment temporarily, the Internet access is very expensive. A 7-day of 1GB access cost NZD45 - note that the 1GB is not the speed but the limit of data for the package. There is no unlimited data access package. Such limit can be easily exceeded; in fact, i've already used 600MB+ in just two days!

Anyway, arrived safely in NZ yesterday afternoon but not without some glitches. The SIA staff at Changi Airport kinda messed up the check-in and did not check me through to Wellington all the way. As i was flying from SG to Auckland, and then Auckland to Wellington, the second leg was a domestic flight operated by Air New Zealand. The baggage allowance given by Air New Zealand is different from SIA - SIA goes by weight limit, regardless of the number of pieces, whereas Air NZ goes by pieces. I would have no problem if the tickets were checked through from the start, but somehow the SIA staff did not do it properly and i gotta pay for one extra piece, which cost NZD30. I did complain to the Air NZ staff here but then she insisted that i must pay for it. There was a long queue behind me and i did not wanna make a scene out of it, and so i paid for it unhappily.

Besides this, i did not manage to sleep on board the plane at all due to the cramp seat of economy class. Well, i blame this totally on my previous company, which has spoilt me till the extent that i'm so used to flying business on long-haul flight and has forgotten how it was like in flying economy class for flight that is more than 10 hours. So, when i reached here, i had gone more than 24 hours without sleep. I am still exhausted even now.

One of my bosses and my ex-subordinate (who introduced me this job) came to pick me up at the airport. They were surprised at the weight and number of luggage that i've brought with me. They do not know that there are more coming. You may be wondering why i am moving so many things over. Well, i am staying here for three years (or at least that's the plan), and whatever things that i wear or use in JB will just be left at home during my absence and by the time i go back (if i do go back), the things may not be useable or out-of-fashion already. Hence i might as well bring it all over and put it into good use. After all, the cost of living here in NZ is really high; things are really expensive here, some even more so than SG.

In addition to the cost of living, i have some other observations about this country and this city, which i will not elaborate now. I would be lying if the thought of "gee, why am i here" never crossed my mind, but then i guess this is normal for a person who has come to a place where she is unfamiliar with and all by herself. I'd just term it as being homesick and i believe it will get better once i settle down in a more permanent way.

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First, WELCOME TO WELLINGTON, NZ! Hope you settle down quick quick, and be able to secure affordable new place fast. And, gosh the internet is sure a ripped off, this is how we're being so pampered in MY/SG till that what are we going to do with life if it's without internet! Although awkward, how about turning off image in browser when logging fb, email, blogs, forums, news. You gotta control your urge from youtube - cut down, cut down, a single 3 min video can consume up to 15 meg.. But you stilll got to share your excitement with your mom and close friends. Is there any mobile telco plan that you can sign up? You probably have to consult this with your ex-subordinate and boss. Wait, your company might provide you one, so hold your horse. and after that you can surf net to the fullest :)

Hmm, at least the welcome is not a boring simple check in check out. The glitch gotta be the last misfortune and washed away before the good starts ahead, afresh. Be positive, pinpin and keep moving forward. And hope you have great plan till weekend before you ignite your engine. Dont just think about fun but also find new affordable place. And dont overspend too, even you have started work and earn first salary make sure you have saving and control your shopping temptation. And yes, everything will settle down as time passes, plus you are one friendly amiable person, so dont worry much for now. And for you being experience numerous first day on the job, i wish you cope up with the new environment quickly, and a start be a great player soon enough. Do your best girl, and you will be the best. Cheers :), and oh dont sleep late and take good care of your health. and enjoy your first NZ weekend (so envious).

Tomorrow will be better.
Stay positively.
Think positively.
All the best.
Ganbatte p(^o^)q

I have been a silent reader of your blog since the day I was trawling on the net looking for information on how conversion of Malaysian driving license to Singapore's.

I like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in your new job and even newer environment. May this be another step to your successful career and life.

Best wishes

by the way for the extra cost for luggage u should write in to SIA to complain i think they will compensate u one.
i think u should have already done that liao! right?

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