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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The final night in JB

Finally, after weeks of preparation and days of packing, the time has finally come.

Uh huh, i am flying off to NZ tomorrow.

The past two weeks have been crazily busy for me. First of all, due to the luggage weight constraint (which i got double the weight, i.e. 40KG in total, because i am Krisflyer's gold member), i was asking and going around looking for a luggage that is not too heavy so that i could pack more. Unfortunately i didn't manage to find one despite all the running around (and time wasted). Hence, i gotta pack whatever i can and leave the rest to later.

What i meant later is that i am gonna ship the remaining items, presumably by sea, and it would take more than two months for delivery. Mom will be coming over in mid December and she will help to bring over some of my stuff too, but she only gets 20KG allowance for the luggage.

My mom is gonna stay till after CNY, in case you are wonder. Yes, i know it is a long time, and i've told her that she is gonna be really bored, but she insisted to stay that long. Well, i've warned her and she'd better be prepared for it.

Back to the packing part. I have packed two check-in luggage and one rolled-up comforter (a silk quilt from my aunt). The total weight exceeds 40KG and i am hoping that the ground crew would be lenient on me tomorrow. If not, i'll leave the comforter behind and probably even need to remove some stuff from the luggage at the airport, or paying for the excess baggage fee, which should be the last resort.

Anyway, i am actually still not fully ready yet. Packing wise, i still have about 99% to go, as i still need to finish up packing my cabin luggage. Then there are also some other things that i need to settle and will need my mom's help to do it. So i gotta write a to-do list for her lest she forgets.

I am quite stressed now, as something unexpected also happened that takes up my limited time too. I'll have to get back to it and hopefully i'll have a peaceful time tomorrow to jot down some thoughts before i depart.


Take care, and all the best, girl. Stay positive and be vigilant at all times especially when you are still not familiar in foreign land. If you stay calm, you will definitely perform better and solve many problems, just you have demonstrated in the past. Dont let your temperament overtakes you and for all the problems there must be solution or workaround to them. Oh wait, did i read you STILL HAVE 99% to go in packing?? you're planning to take 4000 kg loads to nz?!! some of things you can buy there, it's not that nz has nothing and a backward country, though they might be expensive. (even the bearistas and snoopys would not take that amount of load, dont tell you plan to ship them as well, hmm, maybe also). geez, relocation is a real headache, what's more across continent one .. Your mom is worried about you, especially your history of not taking yourself properly, like sleep late la, eat less nutritious food, lack of discipline ... Considering the stay a vacation for your mom especially during christmas (christmas in nz!), a company in weekends before you finally settle down, and great cook when you need her (you should have picked the skills when you have the chance). Oh, lastly, i read that kiwis dont like being photographed without permission, and also flashing v-victory sign .. Cheers, and enjoy in NZ!

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