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Sunday, December 02, 2012

End of long holiday

So that's it. Today marks the end of my three-month long holiday.

Tomorrow is the beginning of my new job, in a new city and culture that i've yet to be familiar with.

I will start work at client's site, as my boss will be picking me up early tomorrow (at 7:30am) and then drive 1.5 hours to the client's place where a project is currently at the training stage. I will sit in to observe as well as to be introduced to the client since i'd be providing support for them in future.

The long holiday sure has had an effect on me, as i feel as if i've forgotten how it feels like to be working and waking up early. When i met up with my boss on Saturday, he told me about a new small project which he intends for me to take the lead and probably to implement the latest version of the system too (which i've not seen before). Now the pressure is on, even when i've not really started my engine yet.

Anyway, i guess i'll just have to put in extra effort to prove to them that i'm worth all the trouble and wait.

Oh, i went to church today and attended my first Sunday service here. It was quite a walk of about 1.5km from where i stay. The distance felt even longer when there was this gusty wind blowing non-stop. I am not sure if this will be the church that i'll continue going to. I will have to search for other churches and do a bit of "church hopping" before making a decision. Of course, it also depends on where i'm gonna stay permanently at the end too.

Thanks Angel for the nice drawing again - all charge forward!!!


gosh, i thought there would be about 1 month honeymoon period, though i don't believe that and what takes usual 6mth -1year to familiarize i took it 1.5 month all by myself, which i consider it late due to lack of training (well, i don't have a technical boss who would not wash everything to newcomers). customer site, new system, 3 months of idle from job, all these stack badly against you, girl. moreover, like everywhere, locals usually are biased against an expat, asian somemore, sigh .. but then nz it is said values meritocracy.

charge up, girl, you gotta beef up and don't buy the idea newbies deserve toleration - it may work internally but not with customers. clear and open your mind when digesting the materials and don't doze off in the training with customers around (i admit this is the hardest one besides wandering off to fb and smartphone games). so be discipline to get enough of sleep, especially with all the exhaustion from travelling (gosh, 1.5 hrs, that;s gonna be distance further than kl-seremban!). be sure to maintain the spirit to be well-equiped, great team player and leader in shortest time possible - 2 weeks or before christmas, new year. company is not charity and pays you for you to contribute. pressure, stress are there, sure they are but wouldn't you feel proud when you look back and earn the praise "well done" from new bosses and customers (don't tell you already immuned to that, and that will be bad). i remember i read in uni there are 2 types of stress, positive and negative, the negative is bad (like what you occasionally have previously) where one is not normal self, succumbs to frustration/anger and consequently produce inferior work when it could be better (and then start ranting this is not real). positive one will hone your skills, sharpen mind and building up experience. you 'll know when you hit the negative one, and when it comes, switch to other activities to cool the heat, like taking a walk, teatime, comic strips, minesweeper, but not addictive like fb or games, and definetely not shopping spree excessively (mild one still ok).

it's a wrong thought newbie should have honeymoon when one should double/tripple the effort instead. but then, never over do and stress yourself, always have feedback and sanity in check, and the levels become too heat, you really need to walk out. alternative to punch or throw a fluffy bunny, you can still rant in your blog, though you might shock your readers heh.. every problems must have solutions to it, except of course the obvious impossible ones. it is just matter of available skillsets that acquired with given exposure and experience. and pin, you do have many exposures and experiences - you worked single-handedly in projects before. that skills might be obscure to you temporary, hidden within you and takes time and calmer mood to release. "first", "new system", "newbie" are daunting but they are just on surface. even if the job is in different platform, fundamentally, concept are always the same. have faith of yourself pinpin. you are one capable lady and if you concentrate, pull all your knowledge and skills together, the problems are peanuts. all your hard work until today are NOT nothing. think how you could take down "goliath" projects in previous jobs. the same is gonna happen now, in this project. i believe being complacent is certainly not in your system when it comes to work. remember the quote from you - always go for the best and even if it falls short, it will not be definietely not far from the goal.

wah, i;ve gobbled up much of your space with the wall of texts and split to 2 posts. most of them i guess you already aware and similar advices from your friends, hopefully it's kinda ring a bell to your potential - you can;t do it because you DOUBT you can, so let it be you can do it because you THINK you can. i put up mountain in the background - nz is so famous with mountains (time to buck up your photography skill) . another - with "forward" chant, hope pinpin will defy all odds to achieve her dreams/goals as high as mountains, to the highest peak of her career. oh, lastly, hope you managed to participate the "hobbit" festival, and snaps lots of picture of it. all the best tomorrow. importantly, be discipline for your health and sleep early so that you are recharged with enough energy (especially don't doze off in middle of training) to put up good impression to your new bosses and customers, don't rely on red bull and starbucks too much. and of course, blogging is not obligation and work has more higher priority :). cheers.

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