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Monday, December 10, 2012

The land of the Middle Earth

The day i arrived in New Zealand was the world premiere of the film "The Hobbit", right in Wellington itself. Lots of people were flying in and going into the city centre for the premiere. The entire city was (and still is!) decorated with "The Hobbit" theme. The city, or even country, is just all about this film now.

When i was on board Air New Zealand for the second leg of my journey, i was pleasantly surprised by the safety briefing that was shown before the flight took off.

During the entire flight journey, the passengers were entertained by the quizzes on LOTR and The Hobbit.

There was even a lucky draw for "The Hobbit" t-shirts but i wasn't fortunate to get it.

The in-fight magazine also had a special feature for the film, which i took a copy home for keeping.

When the plane finally touched down at the Wellington Airport, i saw that even the airport was not spared from the craze about this movie.

There were also banners on the lamp posts along the streets.

The premiere was actually held at the theatre that is within walking distance from where i stay now, but i was too tired to join the crowd since i just arrived without sleep from a long-haul flight. Otherwise, i might have had a chance to witness the celebrities walking down the red carpet!

Seriously, New Zealand is really a place blessed with natural beauty. It is basically the natural movie set for the film without having the need to build artificial setting, of course except The Hobbiton. It is amazing to think that i am actually now living in the Middle Earth itself.

I had a glimpse of the scenery last week when i went to the client's site with my boss and we travelled on the road away from the city and passing by the country side. I will definitely be exploring the places during my time here.


ha, and why didn't you blog about the hobbit fever earlier on but rather the unhappy grumpy surcharge from the luggage, hmmm ... and can't see leh the famous giant godlum at the airport in the photo. it's certainly an awe to see the country throws all support for the movie and the whole nation is in frenzy mode liao. it's like almost having economic pie chart showing the gdp dependent on it. but then this is not just a mere movie hor. i wonder if your ex-colleague and boss received you were using this as pretext to actually drop by the premiere. gee, what an opportunity!! see, this lah the consequence of not eating nutritious food, sleeping late and seldom doing exercise and easily become bushed. but don't be sad pinpin, there's still 2nd, 3rd chance, so you better not to miss them next time. unless of course you insist you will not succumb to the fever.

oh, be sure to catch the movie first hand in NZ hor, and don't end up like what happened in london with the big ben even though you managed to visit it after the 3rd round (don't tell it's going to apply for the premiere too ....). enjoy, and have fun pinpin, and hope everything is smooth as it is in work for the 2nd week. cheers.

oh, i think you should changed the label to hobbit to commemorate the fiesta, or fever. cheers,

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