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Sunday, December 23, 2012

An unfortunate event

I've spent the weekend doing last bit of shopping for my apartment, or at least i hope it could finally be the last.

After church service today, mom and i returned to the apartment and got it tidied up properly. We re-arranged the furniture and it finally felt more like home. I also spent the day doing house chores (vacuumed the carpet and mopped the floor), and hence did not manage to blog about a terrible incident that happened on Thursday evening.

For now, i am just gonna do a quick update of what had happened because it is near midnight here already. As for the story of how it happened, i'll leave it to tomorrow (and i really promised this time!).

As if having to spend the exorbitant medical fee for mom's flu didn't spoil my week enough, an even more unfortunate event happened that could easily made last week one of the worst weeks i've ever had.

To know what happened to me, i'll just post up two FB status here. The first one was posted at 1am+ on Saturday, after the much-talked-about end-of-the-world date has passed and the world is still around.

Uh huh, you didn't read wrongly. I lost my wallet and passport on Thursday evening. Here's the FB status i posted on that day:

This was the second time i lost my wallet. The first time was last year before i went to USA to visit my brother. However, my passport was still with me and i could still prove my identity with my passport.

This time, i lost my passport too. I am now basically a person without identity, and this happened when i am in a foreign land. Without our passports when we are overseas is something really dreadful. You may not be able to imagine how terrible i felt when it happened.

I did write "felt"; uh huh, in past tense form. I did feel upset and sad on Thursday and Friday, but was ok by Friday evening. Over the weekend, i even went out shopping happily with mom.

So have i grown to be a more optimistic now? Maybe, but i'd think that i've learnt to be grateful for the things that happened in my life, and appreciate that there are always blessings in every mishap.

I will relate the incident tomorrow. Am now having body ache for doing a day of house chores, and so i ought to go and rest now.

It's gonna be a brand new week tomorrow, and it's Christmas week! Yay!


Girl, is everything now under control? Gosh, it would have been wonderful christmas in wellington if it's not this mishap. Sigh, sigh, sigh, really speechless .... Fortunately your mom is there to accompany you. Did you misplace or drop it somewhere? Hopefully it will be found and returned to the rightful owner, nz is not my so there must be higher chance of returning lost and found items. Gosh, the first thing you ought to do is to report lost of the credit cards and cancel them all since they are 24hrs service. As for the passport, there is a high commisioner of malaysia in Wellington, and such mishap could have happened to any unfortunate travellers. Sigh, accident does happen, and like what you have said anything that can go wrong will go wrong, what's more whatever happened has already happened. I dont know what can a fan reader like me can do other than morale support, and hoping good events will happen ... Stay strong and positive pinpin. Gosh, it's quite a shock with news like this. Do stay strong, girl.

hope the list helps a bit from your load and does not taking much of space (but then you probably have surfed and visited the site, included aussie and US too).

What can summarize from the advices is - 1) report to the nearest police station about the loss and get the report. the document is important.
2) identify checklist, documents that can prove your identity. how about your air ticket, work permit, work application form, letter of offer, etc? any photocopy, scanned image of your passport, ic?
3) visit the malaysian high commision



i remember you just renewed your passport around 2010, so the old copy must be at JB, you you brought over to NZ too? thinking about the money and the amount of time gonna spent for the paperwork, consider it as real hard lesson not to lost important documents (sometimes incident like this kinda inevitable even extra precautions are given. i guess have to double, triple up the precaution then, sigh). take care, girl, every problem must have solution to it so it's not going to be end of the world. and like you have said, in every unfortunate event like this there could be a blessing afterward. lastly, merry christmas, cheers

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