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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lost & found (II)

I've actually more or less finished writing about getting back my lost stuff in the previous post. What's more to relate is about the call from the other police who is following up on the theft case and the backpacker whom i got to know from the High Comm.

Last Monday when i received the call from the police, i was quite surprised that he actually got hold of the surveillance footage from Briscoes. My guess is that the store manager did actually help to retrieve the video clip and passed it to the police. My assumption is based on the fact that i did not file a theft report but a lost property report with the police, and hence technically i had not reported any crime. Even if i did, according to the police officer i talked to on the night of the incident, they would not take any action on it. So the sympathetic look on the store manager's face was genuine; he was really too busy to help me promptly due to Christmas sales and not that he was unwilling to help.

I am not sure whether or not this thief will eventually be apprehended. I hope he/she will be caught so that he/she could learn the lesson and not to do it again. On the night i lost my stuff, what i thought to myself was that probably the thief needed the money and if my money did help him/her to have a better Christmas and New Year, then so be it. I guess this is one of the ways that i made myself feel better - to imagine that my lost actually was a blessing to another. However, that does not mean what this person did was right; stealing (or greed) is wrong no matter what reason it may be.

Now that the items were found, what i could deduct about this thief is that he/she isn't really an extremely bad person. He/She could have just thrown away all my stuff in a dumpster but instead he/she actually left it at another departmental store (and risking being caught on camera again) for other people to find it. He/She took away all the things that involved money (cash and credit cards) but left other stuff intact. He/She didn't return the makeup pouch but did leave this organiser pouch to be found, which probably means that he/she knew how important these identifications are for the person who lost it. So this thief is not that evil after all.

If you think that i am being too naive to think of that thief in such better light, then wait until you know about what happened to the backpacker.

On the same Monday, that backpacker received a call from another police station of another city that is a few hours drive from Wellington. He was told that the driver who drove away with his belongings had been apprehended. The police found a lot of other people's things with that driver too (such as a few other laptops). Over the phone, the backpacker went through the list of his lost stuff and it appeared that all his important stuff was no longer with that driver and might have been discarded.

The backpacker left my apartment on Tuesday and went to stay at his friend's place at another city (which is nearer to the police station that found his stuff). The police returned his stuff to his friend's place, and sadly nothing much were recovered. He didn't get back his passport, identifications, laptop, DSLR camera, backpack, or other more valuable things.

The police told him that these were all they could find that were belong to him. They said his case was actually the lowest in the list against that driver. It turned out that the driver was a "professional criminal" who was on the wanted list, with a long list of offences and crimes. The police had an one-hour car chase on the motorway with him before finally apprehending him. Not only he stole things from other people like what he did to the backpacker, he is also a drug dealer. The backpacker was in fact very fortunate that all he lost were his belonging and not his life.

Anyway, the backpacker had left NZ yesterday and went to Australia to visit his friends. The Malaysia High Comm had issued him with the temporary passport that allowed him to enter Australia and return to Malaysia. He has been worrying about whether or not he would be able to enter Australia smoothly. According to his FB updates, he is in Australia now.

So, it was indeed a lost and found for me but lost and NOT found for him. However, i have had the same thought as what Angel has commented in the previous post - there may be a purpose for me to go to high comm so that i can get to know and help the backpacker in his time of need.

Whether or not his friendship with me would last does not really matter. What matters is that the incidents have helped the two of us to learn and to grow. In that sense, both he and I have lost and found an unforgettable experience, which i'm sure will be a memory to relish ten years down the road.


10 years only?! girl, you have to take this as hard lesson sticks to you forever. stay conscious of the surroundings, don't leave important things to anyone unless you are really sure you have entrusted away. and DON'T SIMPLY ASSUME! the way you imply it is like every 10 years same catatrosphy to happen like that (touch wood touch wood). no, that's not going to happen again. "those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it" hor..

about being naive, this is far from over. what if the police manage to catch the thiefand contact you to enquire if you still to press charge. i guess you didn't file report because it's not proven yet the theft until the last monday when police reviewed the camera. gee, on one hand you hope the culprit being caught and earn the lesson, on the other hand, he's/she's not that evil after all. to say criminal is still criminal is no compassionate at all. hmm, better don't think too far on this .. speaking of lesson, don't know what can be learned from the backpacking guy episode unless stop hitchhiking, but that's what backpacking is all about. even if he keeps all wallet and passport in his pocket, the driver could still pull over and threaten with knife to rob of the possessions. and it's difficult for one sociable guy to tell if the driver is a notorious criminal, especially nz is not malaysia where the police is efficient and could track the car number when the crime occured. what happened to the guy was a tragedy, hope he can cope with it as part of backpacking experience in nz, though it's awful one (and hope he had uploaded his photos in cloud, fb and also his journals. sometimes i wonder if he had ipad/iphone in his backpack or any gps smartdevice would help to track his items. have you tried the feature before?). and of course, all is not lost yet, it's not the end of the world, and he gets to meet wonderful people like you and the auckland couple. hmm, i wonder if he notice familiarity when he sees your fb avatar - you share-lah your blog to him, then your friendship will be for sure long lasting one, hehe, just kidding, oh wait, no kidding :)

hope you have a great day(s) tomorrow and all's well from the hi-comm. given the delivery of 3-months time frame, i guess the application could be aborted. whenever stress in work, remember that thursday, and keep that mood hor. cheers!

This remind me of a story about 圣雄-甘地。
One day, he was on the train and he dropped one of his shoe, then he quickly took off the other of his shoe and threw out of the train too. This action surprised other people around him.
Then he explain, since he have lost one shoe, this shoe is useless to him, so by throwing the other shoe out, he hope the guy who found the first shoe will be able to retrieve the 2nd one, so can have a pair of shoes. Wor!!! This story did touch me.

I'm happy to hear that you've gotten back your important documents! 好人有好报!

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