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Thursday, January 10, 2013


It has been hectic at work as the training wasn't without any glitches. I am also under time pressure to get the live system set up and configured for the users to commence data entry. In fact, we are already a day behind in getting the live system up and running due to some unforeseen issues.

Despite the work not going as smoothly as i'd hope, i am in an excellent mood (even though i am physically tired). I'd have left blogging to tomorrow and continue to do some work tonight, but then the news is really too good to be ignored.

So for tonight, i'll just post up two screen shots from my FB:

This happened on Monday morning and it was totally out of my expectation because the police officer I reported the case that night told me that they would not take any action and the manager from Briscoes did not help to retrieve the tape when i asked for it. Despite the thief and the things were not found yet, I still felt happy that there was follow-up on this issue.

Then this morning, I received another unexpected call in office, which almost made me jumping up and down in joy.

Yes, I will be getting back my things tomorrow! Woo hoo!

I can hear a song playing in the background now, "There can be miracles, when you believe..."


After hiatus like that, this is one great news to hear! congratulations. This is so so in contrast with the recent snatch case in klang where the victim even told the police the GPS tracking on iPhone and yet in vain. Hey, don't be so excited till distracted from work hor. As always, stay positive and have faith no matter what situations. And even nz is safe, dont be slack to let down your guard. Gee, this must be the reward for helping the backpacking guy, even you did not expect anything in return but goodness to pass on to other people. Cheers, have a great day tomorrow, yahoo!

For goodness sake,you should thank the NZ Police and the person who hand in your stuff! NOT GOD! What is GOD GOT TO DO WITH THIS????? DUH!!!!!

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