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Friday, January 04, 2013

Quick update

The backpacking guy left for Auckland on the following evening (Thursday) and was supposed to stay there until he departs for Australia a week later. However, for some reasons, he was back again this evening. He would be staying until next Monday.

He is very sociable and loves chatting with us. So in a way, mom is kept entertained, which may not be a bad thing after all. And for the first time in my life, someone is addressing me as big sister ("X彬姐") in person.

I can't write and talk at the same time, and hence will not be updating the blog until he leaves.

On an unrelated note, i'll be doing user training for the first time here on next Tuesday and Wednesday. My boss is going on a two-week holiday and is leaving me to handle the client all by myself. I do have a bit of pressure, mainly due to the concerns of not understanding their business process well enough, and also may have some difficulties understanding their accent. Hope everything will go smoothly.


hehe, when your mom comes to visit, you worry about leaving her idle, now she got someone to chitchat, somemore someone with great knowledge about NZ and backpacking stories. before he goes to next stop, you better grill him about nice nice place in wellington and NZ. but, he also quite bad lah, causing the readers to wait longer for pinpin's story, just kidding :). hope your new found friend settled from his mishap too.

a bit pressure but don't be stress hor. take it easy pinpin, you could have been through this many many times before, and in situation even worse than this in your job experience. as long you stop thinking yourself a newbie you can be the playmaker of the day (s). when in doubt, have a sip of water -> relax -> take a breath -> exhale in relief and tell yourself you can make it! your worries have their points but don't let them holding back your potential. picture yourself like you have worked > 2years already in the current job, and gained familiarity. even experienced staff in the industry can be clueless too. so, pinpin, fire up yourself like what in the workshops you have conducted where the audience are angmoh too and from different nationalities. and the tuesday and wednesday's training will be not far different from that. be confident girl, have faith in yourself just as your close friends and i believe in you.

and girl, don't procrastinate when it comes to study the material before the training. do the homework first and be sure don't sleep late that night for tomorrow refreshment - with enough of sleep your mind will be much clearer. and don't bother to blog too, work is more important and your readers will surely understand :) oh, before the first showdown, have great fun in the weekend especially with the backpacking guy as great guide in wellington, he's surely a valuable asset for this. but girl, don't be overly indulged in the tour until forgets everything - please stay vigilant and keep conscious on surroundings. again, 一定要对自己好啊, be a happy pinpin. cheers.


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