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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bath robe

Again, this post is gonna be one day late when it finally gets published.

Yesterday when i was back in the hotel after dinner, i saw that the housekeeping has placed a bath robe on the bed. I didn't pay attention to it and just hung it back into the closet.

Then today, the same robe was placed on the bed again.

And so i took notice of the note on the hanger.

No wonder they were so persistent lah.

Well, in all the hotels that i've stayed before, i've never used the bath robe provided by the hotel. I'm not a bath-robe kind of person anyway.

But then, since this hotel makes a bath robe one of its signatures and is actually selling it at RM150, i'd be a fool to give it a miss when i can wear it for free.

So, after i've taken my bath, i put it on (with nothing underneath).

Hmm, ooookkkaaaayyyy, hmm... i had thought that putting on this expensive bath robe would make me feel high class, but i actually felt uncomfortable wearing it. Well, i'm sure it has nothing to do with this signature bath robe at all. It must be me, who isn't the kind of material for such high class stuff.

Oh well, i still prefer wearing my t-shirt and shorts (with nothing underneath too).

And those cost me less than RM20.

Sigh, i guess i'm just not cut out to be the kind of person who knows how to appreciate a RM150 bath robe.

(This post was written on 19-Feb-08, 11.10pm)


LOL! Me too, I never use the bathrope. But a friend of mine (angmo), he uses that EVERYTIME, and would complain if the hotel doesn't provide that. It is one of the item in his 'must be provided' list, when he decides which hotels to stay. For me - I really think who cares?! LOL!

Hmm, to decide which hotel to stay in based on whether or not a bath robe is provided? Your friend is indeed very strange. :D

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