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Monday, June 16, 2008

The past weekend

Had an enjoyable Friday night out with the TW colleagues. They gave me a treat to hotpot dinner and with lots of insider scoop of what's going on in the company. You know, the good, the bad, and the office politics.

Went back to the office on Saturday at the request of a user. She wanted personal tutoring on the system, as she said she didn't understand how to use it despite having gone through the classes.

I'm glad to have a user who takes the system implementation seriously and willing to learn everything in details. However, she was the slow learner type. I'd have to repeat the same thing at least 5 times before she finally gets the idea, and i believe she'd forget about it again.

This is the thing. The smart ones have bad attitude because they think that they are so smart and know-it-all, while those with good attitude aren't smart. Both are really testing my patience.

After work yesterday, i went to SOGO, hoping to buy a pair of pants. Mom wrongly put 貝's jeans into my cupboard. I didn't unfold the jeans when i brought the clothes back to SG. I realized it when i was packing the luggage, and so i don't have jeans with me for this trip. I can of course wear my working pants during weekend, but i brought just enough and if i do that, i'll have to send my clothes for laundry. So i brought the track suit bottoms that i had in SG.

I didn't manage to get anything from SOGO yesterday though. I didn't see any pants i like and i didn't wanna buy something just for the sake of buying. Then today, i went out for lunch and to give some time for housekeeping, i went shopping at the area around the hotel. Finally, i bought a pair of cargo pants. I liked it very much, even though it is priced at TWD2480.

Anyway, here are some of the meals i had:

Dinner on Thursday night -- room service

Dinner last night -- happy food, doughnuts

Lunch today -- kimchi rice burger from McD (yummy!)

Dinner tonight -- room service, chicken with abalone (double yummy!)

It's gonna be another long week ahead. In fact, two weeks to be exact. Since i'm still gonna fight this battle alone here, i'd better get enough rest, and more good food too i hope!


ooo! I know coke will make us happier but not healthy... and doughnuts... high carbo... hehe Take care my friend.

oooh good food ! May i have a share ? Take care and get enough rest . Jia You , Pin Pin

Thanks for the encouragement. :)

Hmm... I think I have successfully quit meat in my diet (if you read my post about meat you'll know why I'm doing this, otherwise, don't bother to find out - coz that would ruin your appetide).

Somewhat, after few weeks of no meat, seeing food photo would not raise my appetite! Guess this is a good sign for me, or I'll be dead suffering seeing others eating meat. Hahaha! :P

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