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Friday, June 13, 2008

Three years old

So, i'm still around.

Wow, amazing.

No seriously, i've never even worked in a company for three years, and yet i'm here, blogging into the third year.

My posts are getting infrequent recently. I have backlogs of blog posts building up to the extent that by the time i finally get some time to write, i can't recall what was it about anymore. And whenever i do write something, it seems like i'm just whinning about my work.

Yes, i do know that. It's all about work work work work work lately. The scariest part is not about people stop reading what i write because of my whinning, but people actually stop talking to me because i'm whinning in real life too.

Anyway, being all whinny or not, this blog is just reflecting a part of me. It is me, yet it is not me.

Just be known that however busy/lazy i may be, this is the place where i get to choose when to write, what to write, to be truthful or not, and to be me or not me.

That actually beats living in real life, where my liberty to choose can be so limited sometimes.

Oh yeah, i WILL be around.


I'll always support u.
Sometimes, we din really have someone to talk to.
Or we din really feel like to burden somebody(especially someone close) with our problem.
Blogging (to me is write diary lah!) is really a good way to relax ourself.
So no need to think of something else. No need to worry what others think of u.
Compare to noway to relise pressure until jadi gila. continue to compain & nagging lah!

Thanks sui. As long as you are reading, i'll continue blogging on. :)

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