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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bra size

Was searching the Web for bra size measurement and came across an article that states:

Breasts are usually asymmetrical, meaning that one woman’s breast may be a different size or shape than her other breast. Interestingly, a woman’s left breast is usually a little larger then her right breast, though this is only a generalization. (It is also quite common for men to have one testicle that is a different size or shape than the other...)

Hmm, the generalization seems to be true on me!

Why was i looking for such information? Well, i lost a few KGs over the last month because of the loss of appetite. It was good to actually slim down, but the associated effect was the reduction in breasts size, which is something i can't afford to lose too much actually.

Why can't i just lose the fat at the right places?! Darn!


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