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Sunday, August 30, 2009

An animation that made me cry

Watched the PIXAR animation "UP" today, alone.

I found it not as good as the other PIXAR's earlier production such as "Monsters, Inc.", "Finding Nemo", and "The Incredibles".

I think this was probably the only animation that i cried so much while watching it.

Uh huh, i cried whenever it showed how loving the two couples were, even when they were old and dying. That was exactly what i had envisaged when i got married, thinking that 贝 and i would not have any kids and the two of us would be so loving for the rest of our lives together.

Too bad that my life isn't an animation, nor is it a fairytale. I'm living in the reality, and sometimes a bit too real for my liking. Reality bites, and it hurts like hell.

Anyway, my first movie alone since so many years. And many more to come.


If u r going to watch movie in JB, can ask me along lah!

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