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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Change of maid

The maid had returned to Myanmar this afternoon.

She "resigned" because of her health problem and she decided to return to her home country. My landlady sent her off this afternoon.

I didn't know that today would be her last day in SG until last night when i saw her packing, and crying too, probably because she couldn't bear to leave the little one. She and the landlady's younger daughter was very close, and i could see she loves the little girl very much.

Just the day before, she had asked me about where to get the Christian booklet "Our Daily Bread". She saw the one that LF gave me when she cleaned my room. She said she used to have it back in her own country, but in their own language of course.

So when i realised at the last moment that she was leaving, i gave her a packet of tidbit that i bought and also the booklet. She was a nice lady, who worked hard to provide a better life for her family back home (with decent job that requires hard physical work). I hope she will be well.

The new maid is also from Myanmar, and is younger and also more energetic. She works faster and seems to pick up things faster too. Hope she is an honest person, as she would have access to my room freely (for cleaning up my room) and i wouldn't want anything goes missing.


Oh do you have her address? I can check for her on how to get a ODB in her native language. Do you need another ODB for yourself? I can send one to you, just give me your address in S'pore. Or I get a friend in S'pore to mail it to you. They wil be glad to do me this favour. -LF

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