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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend headache

Having bad headache again for the whole of today.

I seem to always get this during weekends, so i'm gonna term this syndrome as weekend headache. The cause is unknown at this point of time.

Should really go to bed now, as i wouldn't want this headache to persist till tomorrow morning during church service.


I also have the same problem.

Try to stay out of house, it will be better. A walk will be good. I love to go back to my mum's house, pat my dogs, check my gold fish and flowers at my mum's garden. Look at our blue sky and white cloud. It helps!

Make yourself busy will help too, like Sui. :)

Haha! It seem not right to quote me as an example leh!
I'm definitely a bad example.
I'm freak. If I got things to do I can survive even slept for 1 hours. If got nothing to do, I can sleep more than a koala.
Not enough sleep won't cause me headache, but too much sleep will definitely damn headache.
So I'm really not treated my body good, it'll sooner or later take revenge.
Pin, don't follow my bad habit oh!

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