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Friday, September 25, 2009

Random updates

Worked late today and reached home at 9pm+. Am so glad that it's just one more day to weekend!

Just wrote an email to a close friend who is facing similar marriage problem as me, and i quote one paragraph that i wanna constantly remind myself of:

Yes, life is unpredictable and fragile. But then, amidst all these unpredictability, i learnt that there are two things that will always stay constant -- the love from our family and the support from all our friends here. These are the things that i can be so assured of that it is exactly how i managed to survive through the heartbreak. The men we love may have stopped loving us, but there is never shortage of love from around us and from high above.

Am feeling melancholy still. The past came haunting me, and it's painful to see my friend hurting like i do too.

Sigh, men are really heartless creatures. How could they even remotely hurt the people whom they once loved so much and who love them with everything we have? Do not even attempt to give me an answer to this question, as i know there simply isn't one.

My rented place is in a rather chaotic situation recently, thanks and no thanks to the maid. The landlady complains about the maid to me every single day, and the noise of scolding the maid also never ceases when she is around in the house. In fact, i was awaken by her scolding this morning at 6.10am! I think there's gonna be a change of maid again pretty soon.

I wanna eat mooncakes this weekend, with some nice Chinese tea. Hope mom or aunt has bought some at home already.


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