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Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad dream and sad song

I wonder if my sleep deprivation has anything to do with having bad dreams. Probably subconsciously i actually dreaded the dreams, and hence i'm unwilling to sleep earlier.

Just the night before, i dreamt about unhappy things again -- something about discovering that YY is still seeing the China woman, and then i berated him for lying to his family who trusted him so much but only to be returned with nasty remarks by both the two of them which broke my heart.

Of course, i woke up feeling lousy, with the dream still vividly twitching my heart. And i just let it be, numbing me, going about the day looking normal, not wanting to let mom know that i am actually hurting deeply inside.

The memories are haunting me, both good and bad, wouldn't let go of me.

Just now TV was playing the MTV of one of my theme songs, 最幸福的事, and i was finally overwhelmed by the sorrow and cried.

"我最幸福的事 当过你的天使"

"我最幸福的事 牵着你的日子"

"那一阵子有你 美得不像现实
多高兴每一幕 都微笑着静止"

"爱情本来就 没万无一失"

"可惜爱不是 童话故事
不能够永远 依赖着王子"

When you have experienced the happiest of happy moments, the heartache will be the deepest too.

Probably everyone in this world is given an uneven quota of happiness and sorrow in life. When the quota of happiness is depleted, sorrow sets in. Thus is life; you gotta have both laughters and tears.


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