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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Working late

So i still didn't sleep earlier yesterday. Went to bed at around 12.30am still.

I am feeling as if my energy is draining out of me day-by-day. Other than sleeping late, i'm spending more time at work now.

Have been staying in the office over 8pm everyday for this week. Not that i wanted to but the work is pouring in and piling up.

Again, big boss thinks that because we have hired a new person and another one is coming in next month, we will hence be able to cope with the workload. I've been trying in vain to get him to understand that we should not expect a new person to be fully productive for the first 2 months. In fact, sometimes having a new person would actually take away some time from the existing staff for guiding them or correcting their mistakes.

Well, big boss simply doesn't agree with me and keeps saying that these people came from solution centers and they should be fully productive once on board. This is so frustrating. I can of course push the new staff to produce the result in the given timeline, but then if the work isn't done as per our expectation, in the end it would still be me to clean up the shit. I mean, i can't possibly go and tell big boss that i cannot meet the deadline because the new people couldn't do a good job. That would be lousy leadership.

I do not want my life to be filled with work and nothing else. Since the incident, i'm determined to live a fulfilled life and not just spend time on work all the time. Yet, big boss seems to think otherwise. To him, now that i do not have a husband anymore and i stay alone here in SG, i should have a lot of free time after office hours, so i might as well work my ass off since i would have nothing to do anyway.

Well, he may be probably right about the part that i have nothing much to do after working hours, but that's my time and i'd rather spend it on useless activities, such as playing Facebook games, than to work extended hours everyday.

It's really unfortunate that i cannot do without a job now. I need the money for myself as well as for my mom; especially now that i may be all alone for the rest of my life, so i really gotta save up (even though i've been spending quite a lot on shopping lately).

Anyway, still got some work to settle before i go to bed. Gee, i guess it's another late night again... sigh...

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