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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My life is a TVB drama

Knocked off rather late from work today and reached my rented place at 9pm+.

When i stepped into the house, i saw that the landlady's mother watching this TVB drama "Heart of Greed" (溏心风暴) on Channel 8. The scene was about the role played by actress Linda Chung (钟嘉欣) confronting her boyfriend, acted by Raymond Lam (陈峰) on his affair. At first, the guy denied it (of course). Then she questioned him about a lie that he told her. He said he was busy at work but then she found out that he spent over HKD1K in an expensive restaurant.

She then proceeded to tell him that she saw his mobile telephone bill and it showed that he was sending more than twenty sms out to the same number everyday, while he was only sending two or three messages to her and told her that he was too busy a work to contact her.

She then further pointed out that there was a day when he said he was at home and then she went to his house but only to discover it was empty. He actually went overseas with another woman.

By then, the guy was totally speechless and didn't know how to cover up anymore. Then she left in a huff.

I almost laughed out loud when i saw this scene, though my laughter would have been really bitter.

Seriously, it was as if my life was being played on the TV!

I've never watched this drama before even though it was very popular when it was first screened in HK. YY watched the whole series, and i wonder if he had totally forgotten about this story line -- well, he did mention to me before that he always fast-forward whenever there were scenes on these two because this story line was very long-winded. Well, i guess that probably explained why he couldn't understand how hurtful it was for the woman to be betrayed by her man in such way.

People have always said life is just like a drama (人生如戏). Well, i guess there's some truth to this saying.

How i wish i am indeed living in a drama, then everything would just be unreal, and when the producer says "CUT", my life would then be back to normal again.

Sadly, as much as i hope it's only a dream or a drama, it is indeed the reality that i'm living in.


more background about the drama:
1. The couple not married yet.
2. Together for 1 year.
3. There is no plan to plot against his gf.
4. He is 坦白 to his gf about his affair after his gf got suspected and confronted him.
5. He did ask for his gf's forgivenenss and said that he will do anything if he can to ni2bu3.

Thanks for pointing out the differences between that storyline and my life -- but it only shows that what happened to me was actually more dramatic than the drama!

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