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Monday, September 07, 2009

Random updates

Went to my mom's church for the first time this morning. I attended the English session while mom went to the Chinese one. I was introduced to a lady who was about my age. She brought me to a small group and discussed about what they learnt from the the sermon of the previous week. I'm still feeling lost when they talked about the Holy Scriptures and referred to the stories or the names of the people mentioned in the Bible. I really ought to allocate some time each day to read the Bible.

Within the group was this angmo family from the USA who came to this church as well. There was a father, mother, son and daughter. Coincidentally, they came from Pennsylvania, and so naturally we chatted about my trip to Reading and Washington, D.C.

Mom sent me back to SG today as usual, but today we went pick up my aunt first. She was going to China for Christian mission for a week, and my landlady was going too. So my aunt was coming to my place to meet up with my landlady and go to the airport together. My landlady's mother is here for a week to look after the kids and monitor the maid.

Then i heard my landlady told my aunt about an incident that happened over the weekend. She found out that the new maid didn't really refill the hot water bottle by boiling water; rather, she just poured in room-temperature water when the hot water in the bottle ran low. My landlady questioned the maid about it and she actually denied it at first but then confessed subsequently after my landlady repeatedly questioned her.

My landlady was very mad and told her sternly that three things are absolutely disallowed in this home: (1) telling lies, (2) not taking good care of the children, (3) stealing. She told the maid that if any of these happened, she would immediately send the maid back to the agent.

She then told me that this new maid is a very smart girl, but a bit too smart for her own good. My landlady noticed that whenever she opened her closets to get something, this maid would always pay attention to what's inside the closet. So my landlady told me to be mindful of my stuff and do not leave important things at home.

I told her that i do not have valuables here, but then i do have branded clothes and facial products in my closet and if she really took it or use it, i might not have noticed either. I can't lock my room if i want her to clean up for me, so i'm kinda stuck. Now i wonder if i should get a hidden camera in my room to check on her. Gosh, i miss having the old maid around, who may be untidy and not so efficient in housework, but at least trustworthy and good.

So you see, just as i've said in my previous post, always be wary of people who are overly cheerful and eager to please. Sometimes things are just not what it appears to be on the surface. The people who always say things that are nice to the ears and make you feel good may actually be the ones who are harmful, while those who do their things quietly are actually the ones who are genuinely good.

I've learnt this the hard way, through real-life example of that China woman. That was why when i first saw the behaviours of this new maid, it somewhat reminded me of that woman, who was also very good in saying pleasing words and playing up her pretended innocence and cheerfulness to mesmerise men or for her own gains. Now i'm getting better in discerning this kind of precarious character, and will guard myself against such people and observe the behaviours carefully until proven otherwise.


Time will be a good judge! Sometimes, I wonder whether is it good to be wiser than others? It hurts to know too much truth too early...

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