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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sorrow attack

Cried again last night and just now. Only for a while though.

The memories of what happened and the negative thoughts came attack again. Felt the heartache and deep sorrow, but i only allowed myself to cry for a brief moment only.

Relapse is normal i guess, especially during PMS period.

A close friend is also experiencing similar thing in her marriage and is now going through the toughest phase now. I could feel her pain, the kind that you feel it's too much to bear and wish everything is just a bad dream, or you'd hope you can just sleep and never wake up ever again.

It's excruciating, that kind of heartache. Sometimes i really wonder how could the men bring themselves to break the hearts of the women who love them so deeply and truly, who may probably be the persons who love them the most in their entire lives?

We are all casualties of love, because we gave out our hearts without reservation and love our men more than we love ourselves. We have probably been doing the wrong thing all the while, to put all our love in human beings.

Human is frail, and no mortal love can really last forever. Only God is capable of doing that.


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