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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The new girl

Frankly, she isn't really pretty to my standard. Decent looking i would say, but not really pretty.

My big boss also agreed and said that she is "nice looking" but not considered "pretty".

I think the part about her that stands out is her fair complexion, and Asians tend to love fair skin color, and any ladies who are with fair complexion would be considered pretty.

Anyway, it's just half a day and of course i couldn't tell yet if she's good in her work or not. To be fair, compare to the other consultant (the 36 years old), this girl does exude more confidence when she speaks and from the way she carries herself.

I've approached big boss today and reminded him about adjusting the pay of the other consultant. He then asked me to assess the new girl to see if she is indeed a lot better than the other one before he makes any changes. Basically, he wants to see if her ability justifies the higher pay. I then told him that even if this new girl is indeed better, RM1K of difference for people of the same rank and doing the same work is too big a gap and there is no way to justify it. Probably RM500 is the maximum that is acceptable (actually if i were the other consultant, even RM100 will be unacceptable to me).

But then, big boss still insisted for me to observe first before making any adjustments. He even asked me to come up with a capability matrix to show him who is good in what so that he can know how much to adjust (he said something like "whether to adjust RM300 or RM500"). I have a feeling that this was his tactics of stalling this issue and it's gonna be shoved aside without any results in the end.

Oh well, i will of course be evaluating the new girl's performance whether or not big boss told me to do so. However, i'd definitely be assessing her with a higher expectation. After all, it's only fair that if we are paying so much comparing to the other staff, then she would better bring something comparable to the table, and we should see the kind of performance that measures up to the price.


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