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Monday, August 31, 2009

Random updates

Went to my first Sunday church service today with mom today. We went to the church that my aunt goes to, which is at Bukit Batok.

Mom has become a Christian and has been attending church services for more than a month already. As for me, due to my travelling, i've not been to a single session yet until today.

It was good. I enjoyed the sermon today, which was about positive thinking. It's something i really should do now, all the time.

After the service, i brought mom to the West Mall for lunch. That was when i remembered that YY's parents and sister have come to SG to visit him. I was so worried to run into them if YY brought them to the same mall too. Thank God that it didn't happen.

My cousin will be flying off in just another hour or so. Grandma is so worried about him that she keeps nagging about how he isn't bringing enough clothing with him. I spoke to him briefly yesterday when he was packing his luggage. I told him to study hard and play hard too. I told him that studying abroad would probably be the best time of his life, before he starts his life working as an adult. He then said he would probably just study hard and not have much time to enjoy. I agreed, since he's on a scholarship to Princeton and gotta maintain his grades among the many cream of crop.

Mom hasn't been feeling well for a few days already. She was having food poisoning because she ate expired bread. This is the problem when she stays alone in JB. She is so thrifty that she won't throw away any unconsumed food and would just keep it for the next day. Now she brought her frugality to a new level in that she even doesn't throw away expired food and continues to eat it. Gee, she is really making me worried. I'd better check out the food stuff at home next weekend and throw away all those that are already expired.


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