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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

At Changi Airport

Going to KL on the 10.15am flight. Will be there for 3 days.

Big boss is going too, but for 2 days instead. He is driving up and had asked me to go in his car together, but luckily my flight ticket has already been confirmed. Since the last time he drove up there, he doesn't flight to KL anymore. I reckon he enjoys speeding on the North-South highway, which is precisely the reason that i do not want to drive up with him. Speeding at 180km/hr is one thing, then when he was stopped by the traffic police, he would not hesitate to bribe the cop, which again is another thing that i absolutely hate. It is precisely people such as these that help to perpetuate the corruption in our country. He probably doesn't know that it's the high season for speed trap now (Hari Raya is coming!), and i didn't tell him either. Let him continue to speed and then be caught multiple times.

There's a new joinee to my team today, and she is rather famous in our line. Yet, she is famous not for her work but her looks. Uh huh, i heard that even back in TAR college, she was already one of the famous school beauties. Then when she started working for the solution centers, she was also known for her good looks.

I've not seen her before, so i can't really say if she is really pretty as the rumour has it. I only conducted a phone interview with her. In fact, for all the other three members of my team, i had also only done phone interview and didn't know how they look like until the first day they reported to work. Little boss, on the contrary, always gets to see the candidates, even those for my team. Anyway, i think it's a good thing for me, as my judgement would not be affected by looks.

This new girl is 27 years old but her previous pay was rather high at RM6K+. So naturally she asked for a high pay at RM7K. Initially little boss and i didn't want to consider her at all due to her high demand for the pay, considering the other existing member who is the same post as her is only drawing RM6k, and she is 36 years old with more years of working experience (and two professional certifications of ACCA and ICSA)! It would be really unfair for her if we were to hire a new person who's paid RM1K more, being in the same post and doing the same things.

Yet, there's a talent shortage in this line, and we have been having problem getting in people. Big boss is very ambitious to "take over the world" and must build up the team in Asia to ensure he gets what he aims for. So in a way, he's desperate and hence insisted to hire this girl despite little boss and i trying in vain to convince him otherwise.

So there we have it, two employees of the same position and same rank, but the one who's with lesser experience is actually paid with 15%+ more. I feel extremely bad for the existing staff, and i'm gonna find a chance to talk to big boss to adjust her pay. But frankly, i doubt he will or can do anything about it.

Furthermore, our group HR is looking into implementing job grading scheme for the company. Uh huh, despite being a MNC, our HR really sucks big time. We do not currently have proper job grades set up for employees and hence there is great disparity in terms of pay and benefits for each employee. I can't imagine what will happen when the new scheme is in effect and if the salary range for their job grade happens to be lower than RM7K. Are they gonna promote her just to get her into the right range (which will be even more unfair), or reduce the pay of this new girl, or tell her that she will not be getting any increment for many years to come due to her high pay?

So you see, sometimes i feel that personal agenda can really get in the way of your foresight and better judgement. Big boss' eagerness in expanding his control to the North America and Europe has somewhat blinded him in looking at other factors. I just hope all these will not return to bite us in the future.

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God loves you Pin! It's again God's divine intervention to pull you out of S'pore and place you in KL for the next 3 days or else you may wallow in your rented "pit". I didn't realised that yesterday was the one year anniversary...it just once again shows that God loves you!

As for the pretty! Mmmm...I won't hire someone I have not met, but that's me. Sorry to say that it's totally unfair to the 36 y-o woman. Your company is really not fair!

I have reservation to hire people who is famous because of their beauty, instead of their talent. It's no different hiring a blonde or white rather than other colour race just because their are beautiful blonde!

7k for a 27 y-o is way too high for her outlook instead of her skills. Man, I feel so unfair for myself. -LF

my lessons learnt is "bring one shit in and the whole pot smells"... everyone in the team will be suffering ...请人容易,送人难呀。。。

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