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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The new maid

My landlady likes the new maid very much and seems extremely happy with her.

The previous maid was a 40+ years old lady who has 5 children of her own back in Myanmar. She is quite messy with the things around the house, and looked tired and down all the time. She was rather quiet, especially when the landlady was around. I could tell that she was very afraid of the landlady because she was scolded quite often for her mistakes.

Then this new maid is a 26 years old young lady who's still single. She is a very tidy person and smart too. Within just two days time, she has cleaned and tidied up a lot of stuff that the previous maid hadn't been doing for a year.

If i were to compare their work and efficiency, the new maid is a lot better of course. Yet, i have my reservation about her.

First of all, it's only two days, so we can't know for sure if she is really so hardworking.

Then, it's the way that she behaves that kinda bothers me a little -- she is extremely cheerful and very eager to please.

She smiles all the time whenever she talks to people. I heard her humming when she cleaned the windows. She is addressing the little girls "darling" instead of by their names (as the previous maid did). Yesterday (only the second day she was here) when she was trying to wake the youngest girl, i heard her telling the little one "i love you".

Ok, i don't know about you, but i am wary about people who are overly cheerful and very expressive with their affection. I would have thought the culture in Myanmar is rather conservative like most Asian countries, but then probably i'm wrong.

Anyway, i should not judge of course. I will continue to observe. Only time will tell if she's for real.


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