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Saturday, September 05, 2009

My cousin

He is now at Princeton already. The semester will commence in mid-September.

Yet, i received a call from his father, i.e my uncle, this evening. My uncle is very worried about him, because he is seriously homesick!

Uh huh, my cousin has always been a homely kid, totally introvert. He is there only the first few days and he misses home so badly that he actually told my uncle that he wants to come back. He said the worst is that he will pay for the penalty in breaking the bond (since he's on PSC Scholarship), and he doesn't wanna stay there anymore.

I told my uncle not to be worried, as once my cousin gets through this initial stage, he would be experiencing the best time of his life studying overseas. Of course, whatever i said was pointless, as it's only normal for parents to be worried.

Anyway, my cousin's mom's brother is in the US too, just an hour drive from where my cousin is now. So my uncle has written an email to him and asked him to go look for my cousin and to keep him company for the weekend. Seeing a family member, even though not a really close one, will probably alleviate some of his homesickness.


Poor kid, everything come with a price. Hope that he will perservere. -LF

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