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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mild diarrhea

Am having diarrhea since morning. Wasn't very serious. Only had it 4 times so far.

I think it was because of the Malay food i had for lunch yesterday.

Just had porridge for lunch today. That ought to keep my stomach "clean".

Since it's only mild food poisoning, i do not intend to see doctor or take any medication unless it worsens. I think my own antibody should be able to fight it off by itself.


take 1 can of 100 plus drink...

Yes, 100 Plus! Doctor also advice me to drink 100 plus for my viral fever, and my brother when he got dengue doctor also advice him to drink 100 plus!!!! And plain but hot porriage with soya source is good for cleansing! Told by Chinese physician.

my mum's 偏方- 黑糖。

100+ is helpful...

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