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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Went to do my hair today together with Sui.

I had actually wanted to change my hairstyle; was thinking to cut it short, into a bob with side-swept bangs -- something like my avatar.

But then Sui suggested for me to perm my hair before i cut it short, since i've never ever permed my hair before and have always kept my hair straight, whether long or short.

I thought that sounded good, but then i wasn't really ready to see myself in curly/wavy hairstyle yet, and was thinking that i may be too lazy to maintain it. So in the end i didn't change my hairstyle but only had it trimmed a bit only. I still look the same now with long hair.

Seriously, i think the avatar does look a bit like me, with a wide face, round eyes, under-projected nose and a smile that tilts slightly to the left, but of course except that my eyes are not that big. Hey, this is supposed to be the manga/cartoon version of me ("Q版"), so the eyes gotta be big!

On a side note, YY gave me a Precious Moments figurine as wedding anniversary gift (which was ironic when he was the one who made a mockery of the marriage with his infidelity). It is a little girl holding a cross in her hands, and it's titled "My Faith Is In Jesus". LF said she found the little girl looks a bit like me, which also looks similar to my avatar.

Hmm, i never know that i look like a cartoon...


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