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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My laptops

I think both of my laptops are in unstable state now. They may probably die on me anytime.

I have two laptops, one personal and the other from the company.

The one at home has been heating up recently, and the IE kept giving me error and close by itself.

Then the company's laptop really died on me the day before while i was half-way through showing something to big boss. The screen just went black all of the sudden, even though the machine itself was still running. I gotta force close it and restart.

I like my own laptop even though it was more than 3 years old. It was good for doing all the fun stuff, like watching movies or listening to music.

As for my company's laptop, it sucks totally. I've not liked it since the first day i reported to work. It's very mobile because it was supposed to be light weight. Yet, being mobile means at the expense of performance. Uh huh, it's lousy in terms of speed and processing power. I actually wouldn't mind it breaking down, so that i can get a new replacement.

For my own, i'm thinking it may be time to get a new one. But then, i'm tight on budget, as i have something else in mind to buy. So it would have to be queued in my list of things to buy.


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