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Thursday, September 24, 2009

No passion for job

It's almost 11.30pm already and i'm still not going to bed yet.

Ok, and so i lied.

It isn't really that easy to adjust our biological clock when the body is already tuned to sleeping late.

I dragged myself to work everyday, as i've really lost all passion for my job already. I'm just working for the sake of the pay. I really need the money, so i do not have the luxury of not working if i don't want to.

It really sucks when your job ceases to bring any meaning or satisfaction to you. When the sole purpose for you job is just to put bread on your table, you'd dread every morning of the working days and hope the weekends or holidays would arrive sooner and pass by slower.

The part that sucks even more is that i'm supposed to be very busy with all the workload, and i'm procrastinating like there's no tomorrow. Uh huh, when big boss starts to ask for the work, it's sure gonna be no more tomorrow for me.

I guess i should hypnotise myself to only think about the good thing, such as being grateful that i still have a job that pays decently instead of being jobless like a lot of people out there.

Yes, stop complaining. Count my blessings. Be grateful.

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For me, now the meaning of working is to earn enough for me to travel & pay for my daily necessity &/or luxury :p
Being working for soooo many years, had met so many "unqualified managers/bosses". I'd almost given up hope. I'll only do my best, work on urgency.
Sigh.... it might not be a good advice, but sometimes, 何苦为难自己when life is only once?
Especially, when u still have me :p

Ehhh, i pull myself to work every day too for almost 3 years. Cried so many times. I don't fit into this job at all. Until i went for one interview after another, I realized no matter where I go,there are pros and cons. I just think that i need the money to live. to support myself and baby. so what to do just work. We are fortunate enough to have a income. So praise the Lord for that.Ds

sama sama.

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