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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grandma must not know

My long weekend was spent at home, doing nothing but sulk in my room -- except when i was with mom, i'd show as if i'm perfectly fine.

Returned to SG today. There was a huge traffic jam at the Causeway today, as expected actually. It took us about 1.5 hours to clear the custom checkpoint.

We were sending grandma back to SG too, since aunt was already back from China. As usual, grandma was nagging about things in the car, and mom just entertained her by answering her questions half-heartedly.

When grandma is in SG, she hardly gets anyone to talk to her at all. Whenever she opens her mouth to say something, my aunt or uncle will tell her to "shut up", for most of the times, she is just nagging and both of them couldn't stand it after spending more than 20 years with her under the same roof.

Grandma has been asking about YY whenever she sees me or mom. We think that she may not be totally convinced about YY working in Indonesia for two years and hence we rented out the whole house while i rented a room somewhere else. She must have remembered the quarrel that YY and i had in the car when we were driving her back, and that ought to raise some suspicions on her end.

Anyway, everyone just have to tell her the same thing and keep the truth from her. She must not know about what happened, ever.


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