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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Defiant kid

Didn't go to office again, but this time with consent from big boss.

Was still feeling weak this morning and so decided to stay at "home". It didn't make much difference anyway, as i had been working from 10am+ to 7pm+. It was equivalent to my working time.

The landlady was sick too. She got minor flu as well, hopefully not from me. She stayed at home and worked too.

Then, today was yet another noisy day for me. With her around, there was less noise from the two girls, but more noise from her!

Uh huh, there was the sound of her scolding her kids, almost none stop.

Frankly, her elder daughter is getting more defiant. She would talk back at her mother, and even smirked whenever her mother was scolding her angrily. The landlady always threatens to smack her but it is always words only, never in action. I think that's probably why the girl isn't afraid at all.

I think the landlady, as a mother, has failed to set boundary for her child when this girl was younger. It would be difficult to change now; in fact, i foresee that it would only worsen as she grows older and gets bolder and more defiant.

Seriously, looking at her behaviour, i would have smacked her many times if i am the mother. Heck, i even felt like slapping her sometimes. Well, probably it is exactly because i am a bystander that i can say that. If this girl is really my own kid, i would probably be the same as the landlady.

Sigh, as of now, the scolding is still going on in the living room, and it would be really awkward for me to step out of my room now. But then i need to go to the washroom...

I guess this is another reason for me to re-think staying with a family with kids.


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