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Friday, January 18, 2013

Busy at work

Just a quick update before going to bed.

Sleeping so early, on a Friday night? I heard you asked.

Well, it may be Friday night but it is gonna be a working day for me tomorrow. I will need to go back to the office to work on data migration for the project that i'm handling. I hope to get everything done tomorrow so that i can relax on Sunday and Monday (a public holiday here).

It has been hectic at work. Spent Tuesday and Wednesday at client's site to continue the training, and then the other days were busy with go-live preparation. If all things go well, we should be able to go live on Wednesday as planned.

This is the first project that was fully handled by me. My boss totally took a hands-off approach and only asked me for updates every now and then. Sometimes i really wonder how he could be so confident about leaving a project entirely to someone who has just joined the company.

So far, all seemed to be going well. There were a few times during the training that i was unsure of some customised and new functions. I am not sure whether or not this would affect the client's impression of me, but i think my responsiveness and conscientious effort should have made up for it.

I've been working extended hours over these two weeks. It has been quite a while since i worked like this, and i hate to admit it but i kinda enjoy it. I guess my workaholic traits are showing again, which isn't a good sign at all.

Anyway, that's a life of a consultant - during the critical phases of a projects, we will be very busy and work like a dog; on other days when there aren't much going on, we will be wondering what to do and how to fill out the time sheets.

Ok, time to bed now.


Where got ask? On contrary you should have the habit to sleep early, sleep early and wake up early for beautiful morning, pin, not at noon lor. Life should be filled with daylight, not darkness night.

Everybody makes mistake, as long one acknowledges it and has a quick good solution, I'm sure your client gotta have good impression on you. Prompt action/reaction shows rhat you care for the work and strive the best for the client, isn't that what client wants compare to other half hearted suppliers. of course the mistakes should not be very severe one :P. Hee hee, I wonder if your boss ever comes across this blog and knows you well already before hiring you. Your bosses must be IT experts one, and with your avatar so so familiar when your colleague chatted with you via Msn or fb, they must have learned about your blog already, hence the confidence on you. Okay, I make up the story. whatever it is, be the real you, don't doubt yourself and believe in your strength just like your boss(es) on you, as well as your fans. Ganbatte pin, don't over stress yourself and you will triumph against all odds.

Hey, hey, how's the hi comm enquiry, everything's ok? Oh, wait till you learn about engineer's life -every day's a dog life until numb already and lost touch with reality Liao. Wait, snoopy is a dog, and you love dog, oops I was going to say why dog's life then .. Well, when idle, you might want to explore and research innovative solution to improve efficiency, to add value in your job and then better impression on clients. And definitely not watching cat videos, err, I mean dog videos ( if you aware of the top programmer's outsourcing story, haha). Hope to hear good news from you next week. Cheers, keep the positive mood and stay happy :)

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