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Monday, July 02, 2007

Business trip (I)

The time now is 6.19am.

I'm waiting to board the plane to KL at Changi Airport. There's no Internet connection and i would get to post this only when i reach KL office.

I'm still feeling tired from the travelling last week. The flight to KL was at 10am+ and it was already lunch time when we reached KL office.

It was my first time in KLIA. I've never taken any flights in and out of KLIA before. For overseas travelling, i'd always fly from Changi because it's nearer; for domestic, i'll just go direct from Senai. Fortunately my boss has been there before and i just had to follow him around, or else it would have probably taken me some time to figure out where to go. It was embarrassing though for a Malaysian to not knowing her way in her own country and needed to be guided by a Scot.

To travel with my boss was a pleasant experience, except that i didn't know what to say to him most of the time and it felt kinda awkward if i were to just sit there in total silence. To make it easier both for him and myself, i gotta either read some work-related materials or do some work on my laptop so that it was ok not to talk. Of course, i couldn't blog on my laptop lest he found out what i was doing since he was sitting beside me all the time.

There were so much to be done at KL and we worked till 7pm+ before hailing a cab to the hotel. The cab driver didn't know his way to the hotel and he just went round and round the streets. I had to call the hotel several times for direction. By the time we finally reached the hotel and checked in, it was already 9pm.

I called room service for dinner as told by my boss. I ordered a wanton noodles that cost RM16 and didn't taste good at all, but it was the only thing on the menu that was filling enough and yet easy on the stomach, in case i had diarrhea again.

Uh huh, i had diarrhea problem since Wednesday night. Then on Thursday, whatever i ate would just come out as watery faeces. I had suspected it was food poisoning, but i didn't throw up or felt any pain in the stomach. I also couldn't recall anything that i had eaten the day before that might have caused it.

It was a difficult day for me since i gotta sit though meetings after meetings and couldn't go to the loo as frequently as i could. So what i did was to consume as minimal food as possible and drank lots of water. Strange enough, i didn't have any diarrhea after dinner and i got well without taking any medicine. Till now, i still don't know what was wrong with my stomach on that day.

By the way, i've reached KL and am in the KLIA Express towards the city center now. Will take a cab to the hotel to drop off my luggage before heading to the KL office. Haven't taken any food since this morning except a cup of coffee on the plane. I shall take an early lunch, if i know where to get food near the office since i'm on my own today.

I have more to write about last week. Will leave it to later tonight when i'm back in the hotel.

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diarrhea could due to stress...stomach flu, or it's simply a mild food poisoning; you're fine once the toxic is out of your stomach.

It's not easy to get a cab that's willing to rush to KLIA expacially Friday or after office hour. Usually I'd book a cab. I can pass you a few realible limo contact. Or take a cab to KL Central and take KLIA Express from there. If your company is not stingy about the transport cost then do take limo instead of normal cab.-LF

I take the KLIA Express for all the trips. I was told that it's actually faster this way than to have a cab to send me to the aiport since the traffic is bad.

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