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Thursday, July 19, 2007

More money

Received news from HR about the annual increment and variable bonus on Monday. Going by the policy, i should be excluded from this round of increment and bonus because i was confirmed after the official date.

Then yesterday my boss asked me to his cubicle and gave me the letter of increment. My boss has made a special arrangement for me, not only on this but also to give me the full increment instead of on a proportionate basis as stipulated in the guideline.

Our increment and bonus this year are pathetic. Last year's performance wasn't good and i guess we should be happy that the company is still giving out increment and bonus. For me, i should be even more grateful because i shouldn't have gotten anything at all if my boss were to go by the book.

Anyway, the increment will be backdated three months and paid out in the July payroll together with the bonus. Then today i've also gotten my claims for the business trip approved, which amounts to SGD500+.

So, i'll have more money this month. Yay!

Hmm, i should start thinking about what to buy...


I think your boss is great! And he delivered what he promised to you.

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