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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Back in JB

I'm back in JB since last night. Well, technically, it's not last night but this morning because i reached home in JB at around 1am+. I was on the late flight from KL to Singapore yesterday. The plane was full. No wonder they couldn't get me on the earlier flight back.

Plan to have a good rest today at home. Will have to go to the gathering with my friends tomorrow and then go in to Singapore again. My flight to KL on next Monday will be even earlier at 6.50am, and the flight back on Wednesday is again the same time as yesterday's. All earlier flight was fully booked again. I wonder why there are so many people travelling between KL and Singapore.

Seriously, all these travelling back and forth is tiring me out. I really hope this is the last time and there will be no more extension.

Perhaps the only comfort i have for the business trip next week is that i'll not be alone like last week. My colleague will be with me. She's from India and has been working in Singapore for years. Not sure if this is her first time to KL, but i guess i'll have to play the role of a host.

I'm so far behind on my posts update, no thanks to my Internet-less situation in the hotel room. I've only completed the update on the trip last week. But there really isn't much to write about this week anyway except the work, the city and the hotel.

Sigh, talk about work, i gotta continue writing a program at home this weekend. I told my boss's boss that i could finish the programming in two days but it turned out to be a bad estimate. When he asked me yesterday, i told him that there was some delay and i should be able to complete it on Monday. So i'd better work on it this weekend to ensure that i don't fail the deadline again.

More updates later. Gotta start working now.

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I like business travel very much, not so much I have freedom from my wife, but more on having my own space..such as alone in airport..alone having breakfast ..and alone in bedroom.Very refreshing although certain assignment I need to fulfilled

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