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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

No Internet access

There's no Internet access in the hotel room, so i didn't write anything last night, though that was just a lousy excuse as i could have written it in notepad and post it up today in the office.

I asked the front desk about the Internet access in the room and was told that i gotta pay for it since the company didn't include it in the hotel room booking. The charges were at RM50 for a 24-hr access. I decided not to spend such unnecessary money.

Anyway, will continue the post tonight. Am leaving the office soon, that is if i could get a cab at a rush hour like this.

I miss working in Singapore.

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Please take care of your safety while travelling alone.

The hotels which I stayed in Kulim and Melaka allowed free wireless access to internet at their lobby area. Both are 3 stars hotel. From the charge rate given by the hotel which you are staying, I think should be above 3 stars. You may check with the hotel again.

Thanks Min.

There's indeed no access to the Internet in the room, even though i attempted to search for free wireless access but to no avail. So i'm really falling behind on my post update, as it's not that convenient to post in the KL office where it's not my territory... :P

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