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Monday, September 28, 2009


Just rushed out a sloppy piece of work for big boss. He wanted to discuss about it first thing in the morning tomorrow, and i was supposed to work over weekend for it. But then, having no passion for my job and the weekend headache, i didn't touch any of it on Saturday.

My plan was to work on it after returned to SG. Normally mom will send me back after the Sunday service at the church and lunch, and i'd arrive in SG at late afternoon. That would give me ample time to complete the job.

But then, something dramatic happened at my rented place that i didn't get to start my work until almost 8pm.

The story will need to be blogged about in details since it was so interesting, but then it's about time for me to turn in, so i'll leave it to tomorrow.

Basically, we will be maid-less for the next two weeks. The maid had been sent back to the agency just now. The landlady's mother had to rush in from M'sia immediately and has arrived just minutes ago.

Sigh, i guess i'll have to clean up my own room for these two weeks.


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