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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Very tired

So much so that i can hardly keep my eyes open now.

But then, i've been spending too much time at work and only left with the little personal time during weekdays. Hence i wanna force myself to be awake and spend time doing things that are unrelated to work, even if it's doing useless thing like playing Facebook. Well, at least that is some kind of entertainment, albeit an unhealthy one. It's better than filling my life with just work and work and work.

Anyway, will be working "afternoon shift" tomorrow. Will have a meeting with UK for the whole day, but it's UK time, which means that the meeting will probably end past mid-night. So i'll be going in to the office in the afternoon at around 1pm. Then i can also go in late on Thursday morning too since i'll be coming back late. That ought to give me sufficient sleep for these two nights -- hopefully.

Still feeling rather down lately. The more i wanna forget, the more i remember... i can't help but to wonder again how long it's gonna take me before i can finally stop missing and stop loving a person. This really sucks.

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