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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Dragged myself to work today, and ended up in a grouchy mood.

Am getting very pissed with the company's HR and its lousy benefits & welfare, or the lack thereof. In fact, this f*cking department is getting on the nerves of every other departments.

This company has the worst HR policies that i've ever seen in any MNCs, even local companies are way better. The function of HR in this company is to exploit the employees rather than taking care of the employee's welfare. I am now actually looking forward to the day when i resign and then i can tell this right to their face.

Anyway, the CEO will be here tomorrow and i gotta get to the branch office really early. Not sure why i need to be there at all, other than to greet him and. Everyone was so busy preparing for his visit since days ago. In our Malaysia office (he was there today), instructions were even given out by the local management to the staff that they were to tidy up their desks, make sure all cables are nicely placed, no paper or boxed lying around... basically just to make things look nice. I bet Singapore side did the same.

I hate doing this kind of things, you know, sucking up to the top people. All these work to put up a nice show; people just love doing superficial things. In fact, this whole world is like this; no one sees beyond the surface anymore. Even love became superficial, not looking deep inside but only seeing what is on display.

I guess i am really not suited for the corporate world. Heck, i am not even suited for this real and cruel world at all.

Uh huh, i'm grouchy today. I hate everything.

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As a HR personnel, I can't pass any comment. B'cos the employees is cursing me too :(
Sometimes, I'll try to fight benefit for them if I think it's logic. But what I think might not always be what they think. sigh~~~
Susah ah!

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