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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A new skirt

Bought a new skirt two weeks back. When Sui was at my home the previous weekend, she saw it and commented that it was short. I told her that i think the length is ok.

Then today i wore the new skirt to work. Big boss saw me in the morning and asked me if it was my new style. He then asked me if i had any party to go to tonight.

Later on i met a female colleague in the ladies, and she commented that my skirt is short but i looked nice in it and should dress up like that more often.

That was when i really had a good look at myself in the mirror and realised that the skirt might have really appeared as a bit too short for office attire. Why i said "appeared" is because i still do not think that skirt is short, but because i am a bit taller than most average Asian girls and when i wore it, more portion of my legs were shown and that gave an illusion of the skirt being very short. If the same skirt is worn by a shorter girl, it would not have appeared as so short.

Anyway, i wore it today with sleeveless shirts, black pantyhose and high-heels, and i really looked as if i'm going to a party or something. I do not think i'll wear it to work anymore, or maybe only on Friday which is the dress-down day.

What a pity. It was a nice skirt.


Haha! See? I told u already!
U r really funny leh!
Short suppose to be short, but you complain it's too short.
Skirt not suppose to too short, then u think it's ok.
Headache! sigh~~~~

However, I have the same problem during my time in audit firm. My boss will always asked me it is due to the skirt is short, or I'm tall. Then I'll smiled & reply : "BOTH "
Nevermind lah! As long as you look nice in it, once in a while make their heart beat increase a bit lor! consider "staff welfare".

Staff welfare? Wah, what a nice way to put it. But, short skirt with black pantyhose is o.k. right? And you're IT, not marketing so you wont get to meet all the "crocodile", then o.k lor, as long as you look good and your boss didn't it's not appropriate. -LF

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