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Friday, October 30, 2009

Still sick

Called in sick again today. I wonder if boss is gonna be losing patience with me very soon, as i've only went to office for two days this week.

Am having menstrual cramp, and i haven't recovered from the flu yet either, even though i've almost finished the medicine.

I remembered that the last serious cold that i had was last year when i was on business trip in Sydney. I even had fever then, and i still managed to work with a sober mind and produced excellent result that impressed the Australians (and my boss). I even took the flight back by myself when i was feeling very miserable then.

Now, comparatively, this is only a minor flu, and yet i simply couldn't drag myself out of bed and go to work at all. I'm lagging behind on all my deadlines, and my attitude has changed from "can do" to "cannot cannot cannot".

I guess the mental well-being plays a big role in our physical strength too. At that time, i was still in a blissful relationship, having a healthy lifestyle and thinking that my life is all rosy. Now, sometimes i simply do not know what i am doing day-in and day-out anymore. And i've grown to dislike my job very much.

I'm just tired, both mentally and physically. I wonder if i am sick physically, or i'm simply sick of life.

Maybe it's both.


be strong gal. your happiness will come eventually.

fully agree on that. Tired mentally is more untolerable than physically. I think I'm suffering from the same scikness recently too.
Friend, we 加油together!

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