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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still unwell

I wonder if i should wear mask tomorrow to cover my mouth and nose, in case i pass the flu to the CEO. Who knows, he may not have the antibody for flu virus in Asia.

Was actually feeling a lot better this morning after two days of rest. But then, our side of the office was known to be the "winter" area, because we sit beside the Finance team and the aircon control unit is located at their area.

The Finance team likes to turn down the temperature of the aircon, sometimes even to 16C (it's so environmentally unfriendly!). They always say that it is very hot at their side, but us IT folks at the other side were all freezing. We can actually feel the difference when we walk to the other areas of the office; the temperature just change so obviously.

So i guess the cold temperature at our working place has worsened my otherwise recovering flu. Darn, we probably should bring our winter clothing to the office.


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