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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

No car soon

Am now lying in bed and typing this post with my Galaxy Tab. Mom is already fast asleep and snoring beside me.

The Denmark boss was back to work already on last Friday but his wife would only be back on this coming Thursday. He said I could still use there car until then, but I may return it to him either tomorrow or Tuesday because I'll be based at client's site on Wednesday and Thursday.

After having the car to commute for a month and also seeing that NZ isn't exactly as safe as we thought, I have decided to get a car of my own too. My mom, my aunt and LF have been urging me to do so too for my own safety.

I am now hunting for a used car that is under NZD6K but of good condition. There are lots of online websites that sell or auction used cars, but my selection criteria makes it rather difficult if not impossible. Besides the budget, the car should also be below 1800cc (the fuel here is very expensive), automatic transmission,  not in red or purple colors, not older than 12 years old, preferably a hatchback (for easy parking) and Japanese make.

After much searching, I've only managed to really nail one down and it is from a direct seller and not a car dealer. This means that I will bear higher risk and will need to do all the paperwork on my own if I indeed we're to buy from a private seller. I can pay for an independent pre-purchase inspection but there will be no warranty of condition like most dealers would have.

Anyway, I've arranged to view the car tomorrow evening and hope it is something worth my time.

Let me guess, let me guess - hatchback and japanese must be suzuki or daihatsu. I think you missed "short term" description. Well, judging from your writing, seems it would be better to opt for car dealer even it costs a little higher for the sake of convenience, trustworthy, safe and stress free. May be able to test drive too. You're still quite new and stranger (i guess) in nz and though nz is relatively safe country and the people are nice, wouldnt it'll be still a bit vulnerable for direct purchase? Any opinion from colleagues? How about to invite your colleague to accompany you for this, he might gladly want to help you of course with nice lunch treat in return, maybe kfc ...oops. Hopefully you dont really over stress yourself for this, it's certainly not worth to be this. Follow what your heart tells you and think what is right! And, whatever it is, always stay vigilant and constantly aware of the surroundings. Safety first. Oh, and there's sure gonna be driving in nz posting real soon, hehe, like the popular one about sg from you last time :).

Gotta repay your boss by doing great job at client's site. All the best for the go-live, believe in your strength and you will be successful. You can do it! And dont get too excited with the new car until neglecting work hor. Cheers :).

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