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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carton received

The carton that mom helped me to send from Malaysia arrived yesterday.

These were all the clothes and shoes that I could not bring over with me on my flight here due to the luggage limit. I shipped it by sea and the shipping company told me that the estimated transit time was 71 days. The carton was shipped on 21/12/2012 and it actually arrived about 10 days earlier than expected. The carton was provided by the shipping company (sent to my home in JB) and the door-to-door delivery cost USD189 for shipping & handling + NZD99 for NZ goods examination fee (all claimed from my company as part of my relocation allowance). The service is quite good and reliable. I may consider using them again when i go back.

The carton was packed mostly with my winter clothing. Now i have enough thick clothes and jackets to keep me warm.

Talking about winter time, my boss made a casual remark this morning about the weather while looking out of the window, "Ah, autumn is here."

To that, i asked in shock, "Huh? What happened to summer? I am still waiting for summer to start!"

"C'mon, we have had our summer. Autumn normally starts around end of February."

"But it felt nothing like summer at all. There were hardly any sunshine and hot days."

"You must be dreaming. We had lots of hot days."

"No, there was only ONE hot day, which was on Christmas day and that was it. I thought it is gonna get warmer but now you tell me it is autumn already?!"

"Well, you can't be expecting hot days like in Malaysia. This is our summer!"

Now, this wasn't really a serious conversation. My boss and I were just jesting with each other.

Yet, i wasn't kidding when i said it felt nothing like summer. Just look at the weather records for the past 30 days. The temperature hovered around 22C on most days; on days that it went higher than 22C, there were gusty wind that made it feel cold.

I am really glad that my stuff arrived just in time for the change in season.

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Gee, 2 months to ship is quite long time. Probably get used to company shipping stuff with 3 days to 1 week lead time from US. 24- 27 degC is just nice, it would be like having outdoor with aircond mah, and nice nice walk enjoy the atmosphere ..MY summer can peak up to 40 degC, xiao one. But then, NZ is located at Southern Hemisphere, there's no way it'll be getting warmer when it's already feb liao and approaching equinox, either you tried to troll your boss and your readers :). And the wind at 90+ km/h, gosh, that's even faster than a car, I mean at moderate drive speed. Oops, gotta take back the enjoying outdoor walk part... look forward for your post on the first snowman and snowball you gonna build in NZ :). Oh wait, that's gonna be another season in June liao. I read when driving during snow do not switch on the windshield washer, it'll quickly turn into snow. Also the experience my colleague told me about pouring pail of water and immediately turned into ice ... Cheers.

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