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Friday, February 15, 2013

The past week

Frankly, I am not in the mood to blog during this week. Have been rather tired from various activities on last weekends and from work as well.

A new small project has started and I am being put fully in charge again. This time we are implementing the latest version of the system that no one in the company has done it before. There's gonna be lots of reading and testing that I need to do for the project. At the same time, the project that had just gone live a few weeks back has more or less stabilised but there are still some ad hoc support that I need to attend to. It has been quite hectic at work.

As for personal life, besides attending another CNY celebration at church last Sunday, i also had a cyber gathering with my group of best friends back in Malaysia on Wednesday night (or their afternoon). This was our annual CNY gathering and we had wanted to use Skype video conferencing to hook up Siang in Japan, me in NZ and the rest in Malaysia. Unfortunately, our plan didn't work out smoothly because the Internet connection at PT's home was too slow. The images were too blurry and the voice kept breaking up when too many of us were connecting at the same time. In the end, they could only have Siang on their Skype video conference, me on LF's Line voice call, and Siang and I on Skype video conference. It sounds complicated and it was, but then we still managed to have lots of fun chit-chatting in this way. I also did a virtual tour of my apartment for the ladies over Skype.

On an unrelated note, I've yet to get an insurance for my car. In NZ, car insurance is not mandatory by law but of course it is always best to get it. I've joined AA and just received the membership today. I'm most likely gonna get the insurance from them, but before that I'll need to get the NCB document from my previous car insurance company first, which I seriously can't recall which it is already.


oh, what you mean actually is that you are exhausted. Glad you had nice time with your friends Pin, with internet around you are definitely not going to be alone even thousands miles away :). so there shouldn't be any reason to be unhappy in NZ hor.

Take the new project as a great opportunity to leap forward. And Pin, isn't that the reason why you have quitted the previous job to look for new challenge, and to unleash the potential within you? Believe in your strength, Pin, you do have the talent and skill in area of your expertise, and what you need is to stay focus, equip well yourself information on the system. Keep an open mind, be frank and don't neglect in time management too. Maybe my cheerleading is not helpful in practical, you gotta not just prove to your readers and close friends but yourself too. Picture the project for you as pioneer in the company, and proud from your bosses who treat you nice and loan the car. Charge forward, Pin, 加油啊!你能做到的.

Before signoff, please do drive safely and always stay conscious too! And don't sleep late ya! cheers.

Try to remember who your last car insurer is and contact them. All they have to do is email you stating that they confirm you were their customer with xx% NCB. AA will honour the email and give u the NCB. Anonymous in NZ

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