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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Car owner again

Finally, the car hunting came to an end today.

Say hi to my Mazda Demio.

Went to see the black car this morning and the condition was no good. There were scratches all over and the interior wasn't as well-maintained too. Right after i viewed that car, i called the car dealer i met yesterday and confirmed the purchase on the silver one.

Since the used car was imported from Japan, it is considered "NZ new" and i am the first NZ owner of this car. The car would have to get registered with the authority. The car license plate number is given during the registration process, and i got quite a nice number even though i did not specifically choose it. All these processing were done by the car dealer.

In the evening, the car dealer called me and told me that he had settled all the necessary processing. The car dealer came to pick us up from the city (my mom tagged along) and went to Lower Hutt to collect the car. And just like that, i now have a car to commute to work but am also NZD7,300 poorer. After paying for the car, I am left with little money in the bank here, which would not last me till month end. I will have to transfer some funds from my SG bank account and suffer some exchange rate losses.

Anyway, i am quite happy with this car except one thing; since the car was only 1300cc, there isn't really much horsepower when i step on the accelerator. Wellington is a city with hilly terrain and there are lots of places where i will need to drive uphill. When the car is moving slowly up the slope, my first impatient reaction would be to accelerate more to make it go faster. Doing this will actually consume lots of fuel necessarily (and the car may not really go faster). So, i will have to get used to driving patiently and not to step on the pedal too much, as the whole idea of getting a smaller car is for its fuel economy since petrol is darn expensive here.

That aside, i was very much convinced that i've made a right choice in buying this car after an incident this afternoon.

I was going to a client's site for meeting this afternoon and i gotta take the bus from my office back to the city. As i was waiting for the bus at the bus stop, an Indian guy came and waited for the bus too. At first he kept looking at me and then after a while he started chatting with me, asking where i am from, what my name is, where i am staying, bla bla bla. I politely replied him (of course, i did not tell him my full name or address) but i was actually feeling quite nervous since there wasn't really anyone else around there.

After talking for about 5 minutes or so, he asked me if i could be his friend and whether or not i wanna join him and his friends for lunch on Sunday. I told him no but that did not stop him from continuing his conversation with me. Throughout the entire time, i was thinking to myself that i will not have to go through such situation again after today since i do not have to take the bus at such remote places anymore. It was right for me to just go ahead and buy the car instead of continue hunting and waiting. It is really not safe for a single lady around here anywhere - in the city, there are too many drunk people; outside the city, most places are quite remote and there are hardly any other people around.

So, i would consider it as money well spent. I am now a happy car owner. :)


Hi demio, congratulations to have Pin as your new owner, she will really take good care of you, so no worries ya :). Most of the high end Toyota cars in MY are also recond type, and well furbished too. So Pin, you definitely made the right choice, you indeed bought a "new" car. and you should have bought it at once or it would have been snatched away from you, phew. I thought you chose the black one since you use to make last minute decision, aha, I was wrong, so wrong.

The incident was scary. Is it true the bus stop usually that vacant? Luckily the bus is not like MY that you have to wait sometimes for hours during non peak period. Gosh, hopefully you won't go through incident like this anymore! But were there cars passing the road at the bus stop? Please place safety as priority even it cost slightly more, like the case of taking train you should have stopped it immediately rather had the dead rat to wake you up. I know, I know, talk is easy but ... all I wanna say is you gotta live happy. Oh, gotta be discipline to be tight on budget too, and you should, but not until to compromise safety. Build up savings, like 30%, 40% must go to the bank, and also really control temptation not to indulge shopping spree, oops. Cheers, and be happy happy Pinpin. With car around, gotta enjoy yourself with your mom this coming weekend hor, don't hold yourself back :)

Silver is good lah! even 2 months din wash the car, also look ok, only a bit greyish! :p
and according to research, black car tend to use more fuel to operate air-cond.
So can this car consider the happy belated birthday gift for yourself?

新年又来了!happy happy Chinese New Year. 希望一切事事顺利,万事如意 :) Cheers. -HY-

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